A simple Content Management System 
based on CKeditor


How can i upgrade to newest CKEditor version?
CKEditor is located in directory dynpage/js/ckeditor<version>. You have to extract the new version into a new directory with this name conversion. After that you have to copy the config.js from old dynpage/js/ckeditor<version> directory and overwrite the new config.js file. Note! Extra plugins you have to configurate manually in config.js file. Take a look at the section config.extraPlugins = 'justify,<newplugin>'; and config.toolbar_CMS = ... for the editor icons. Then you have to set the new version number in dynpage/config_global.inc.php. Note: DynPage 1.3 is not compatible with CKEditor 5, only lower versions are compatible.

The timestamp of created pages is wrong.
You have to set your timezone in dynpage/config_global.inc.php for example "timezone" => "Etc/GMT+6" which means +6 hours from UTC.

I get an Internal Server Error (500) when i integrate the content.
Directory "xxx" is writeable by group, Directory "xxx" is writeable by others
On some Servers only 755 or 775 write permissions for directories are allowed! Please set 755 or 775 permissions instead of 777.

I cannot see the content from DynPage in my HTML pages.
If you try to reference the content from other directories as the home directory, please use relative paths with ../ or use 'Full URL'. You are not allowed to integrate the content with Ajax from other domains. On some PHP versions you are also not allowed to load the content from cross domains. Therefore you have to set allow_url_fopen = On in php.ini file. Note: You are only able to integrate content with PHP if your website file extension is .php

How i can define own editor styles?

How to define CKEditor styles.

Editor area CSS changing has no effect.
It's a caching problem. Reload or close your Webbrowser and try again.

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