A simple Content Management System 
based on CKeditor

What is this?

DynPage allows you to edit Websites online and make pieces of contents editable with a comfortable editor. DynPage implements the CKeditor - one of the best Internet editors. The integration of content into the HTML pages can be done with Ajax/Javascript or PHP. DynPage is written in PHP and does not require MySQL database. It's easy to install and to configurate.

The following box was made editable with DynPage. Click here to see the editor in action.

You can also edit the news box with DynPage. Click here.

How the content is included?

DynPage stores the contents in files which have to be included into your page.
There are two ways to include it: Ajax/Javascript and PHP.

The examples above use Ajax/Javascript to load <div> tags dynamically.

<head> section of this page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="dynpage/js/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="dynpage/js/dynpage_load.js"></script>

You should only include jQuery if it's not yet included!

<body> section of this page:

<div id="dynpage_news"></div>
script type="text/javascript">
dynpageLoad ('dynpage_news', 'dynpage/content/dynpage_news.htm');
<div id="demo_1"></div>
script type="text/javascript">
dynpageLoad ('demo_1', 'dynpage/content/demo_1.htm');

Download and Configuration

Note: Your Webserver must support PHP 5 or higher. DynPage is also compatible with PHP 8.

1. Download DynPage: dynpage.zip or dynpage.tar.gz.

2. Unzip dynpage.zip into the home directory of your Website.
After that in your root directory tow sub directories will exist.


3. Set file write permissions for following directories.
You can set the write permissions with your FTP program (CHMOD).


4. Start DynPage with:


First login:

E-Mail address: admin
Password: admin

If you have problems with the installation, please read FAQ.

For detailed configuration edit file: